My Kite And Bike

Another older poem from last year, and quaintly appropriate for this historical gold-mining town of Ballarat

My Kite And Bike 

Here I am in this ancient town

Climbing the local mystical Blue Mountains

Standing in the world’s greenest paddock

Flying my yellow and purple kite

On that old magical golden thread

My kite is soaring higher and higher

Towards our planet’s crimson sky

A sky covered by the clouds rainbow hues

Creamy clouds, opaque, thick and soft

Powerful and solid grey, hovering aloft

Where pristine snowflakes abound

All bright and shiny white

Heavy enough to ride my silver bike on

Peddle my way through today’s slippery black-ice

And wallow in the colourful heights of tomorrow



Ivor Steven (c)  2019

Not Here Nor There

I’m feeling a bit older this morning after last night’s party!! , so here’s an older poem I’m reposting…

Not Here Nor There

My time is slowly passing.

Age is creeping, not lasting.

I’m frail and growing older.

My body shivers when it’s colder.

And sweats like hell, in the heat.

My mind is feeble and weak.

I don’t seem to remember.

Whether it’s March, April, or September.

Here I sit, what am I doing.

There I look, where am I going.

There I ask, what’s for tea my dear.

Oh, I forgot, she’s not here.

Well best I retire to bed.

And wrest this weary head.

Under a linen sheet, like a hood.

Laying here, on this piece of wood.


Ivor Steven (c) October 2019

Lake Wendouree

Having a lazy day in Ballarat, but managed to have a picnic lunch and a walk around a bit of Lake Wendouree, the famous picturesque attraction in centre of Ballarat..

My younger sister Myfanwy, below




Ivor Steven

First Night In Ballarat

Hello dear readers, no poems or fancy words tonight, just some photos from brother’s birthday party, Lawrie’s wearing the red shirt..

The birthday dinner party was superb



Spoil Me, (With Apologies To David Redpath)

Featured Image Above: The Box Office Cafe, kitchen, which is made from an old shipping container.





Spoil Me, (With Apologies To David Redpath)


Sorry David, but here I am again

At West Geelong’s, Box Office Cafe

Spoiling myself, for Saturday lunch

Geelong’s own version, of ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’

Where owners and their furry pals all meet

Chatting and barking, one social togetherness

And yes, I get to give the doggies, pats and hugs

There’s Bronson, the well behaved little Pug

Duke, a very young Dalmatian, he’s going to be a big boy

And another Duke, a striking auburn Labrador


Sorry David, I’m going to describe my feast now

Firstly, a real Aussie cappuccino coffee

Followed by Bao Buns, with slow cooked pork

A sweet and sour glaze, and fresh herbs

With cucumber, pickled carrot, fried shallots

Complimented by a delicate Gochujang mayonnaise

Then of course, I had to have a delicious cake

David, I couldn’t resist, a Berry Velvet teacake

Leaving me no option, but to wash it all down

With one of those politically incorrect, Blackman’s lagers

Cheers everyone, I’ll be on holiday, in Ballarat this week













Ivor Steven (c)  October 2019

On The Wings Of A Dove

On The Wins Of A Dove 


How do I write to you

With these tears blurring my sight

Five months since my heart left your home

Your hot summer has been and gone

Oh, to be beside you

To hold your warm hand


You may hear my chest beating

Echoing, from over there

The rumbling is not a broken ache

More that of a loving heavy throb

A longing, pumping thump

Oh, to be beside you again


To see your adoring smile

I miss our knowing talks

Me, reciting to you

With that sparkle in your eyes

Oh. to be beside you still

So, I send you this letter

On the wings of a dove

I miss our united love



Ivor Steven (c) October 2019

As The Crow Fly’s


As The Crow Fly’s


From grey tree branches

In sunlit sky, black crow sings

To all passing bye


Today I’m presenting two interesting music/videos, the first one is “Blackbirds”, by Gretchen Peters, a big thank you to Debbie, for the introduction to her, via her wonderful poem and article today >>

And the second, music/video, is from the “Black Whistle Singers” in Crow Agency Montana, singing a traditional American Indian song.


Ivor Steven (c)  October 2019